Sidekick (early stage concept)

Front End


Back End



Noctis / TheAppLab Internal Project

Sidekick is a mental health platform that will:

  • empower people to positively impact their lives through proactive, fun and engaging digital experiences, and
  • enable the research community to improve & personalise treatments through the design, data capture and analysis of publishable mental health and behavioural research.

We want to enable people to explore, understand, and support their own mental health, wellbeing and potential in a fun, personalised and engaging way.

The platform will aggregate and deliver the most valid psychological tools in fun and engaging ways.

Data capture will enable mental health and behavioural researchers to improve and personalise intervention tools based on an individual’s traits.

This is an early stage project requiring a high level of R&D and we are seeking support from mental health and behavioural science professionals, as well as people who suffer with mental health issues. To get involved and help with this project, or for more information, please email me at or Matt Halstead at