Trend Spotter (development paused)

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Laravel / MySQL


TheAppLab Project

Is it time to get Messi? Or dump Trump?

Would you put a dollar on 50 Cent? Or a tenner on Kylie Jenner?

Trend Spotter is the new celebrity stock market game

If you know your celebrities – get them working for you!

Now you can buy and sell the rich and famous using the one commodity they really understand – their popularity!

  • Think a star is on the way up? Go long – and watch your stock soar!
  • Got wind of a new celebrity scandal about to hit the headlines? Sell up quick – before their popularity plummets!
  • Know of a Z-lister that’s about to breakthrough to superstardom? Ride that success with them!

Trend Spotter uses the traffic and engagements of celebrities official Facebook pages to measure their popularity in real-time.

So, if you’ve spent years studying the form of Kim Kardashian, think Usain Bolt’s popularity will run and run, or it’s time to close the book on J K Rowling, then Trend Spotter is the perfect game for you!

Use the app’s Power-Up feature to give you the edge over the competition, boost your trades, protect your market share – and, crucially, increase your profits!

Trend Spotter: where popularity is everything!